24 January

Nothing to see here. Move along.

As previously announced, I've moved along. You will have to go to http://www.skjaeve.net/ to get your fix now. Share and enjoy. Sorry, I don't know how to make your RSS readers move along.

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19 January

Movin' on.

So, yeah, I plan to move all this stuff away, like, real soon. Any year now. Full disk, and this software here is worn out anyways. Dunno if RSS feed readers can cope with HTTP redirects, otherwise I'll just have to move'em on. More news will follow.

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17 January

Treng bok

Kjekk ung mann, glad i turar i skog og mark, dog ikkje i gjørme, søker følgjande bøker for antatt relativt lettvint studiepoengserverv:

Fullpris ingen fordel.

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06 January

Funny lisence plates.

Ok, so all planes have a registration number, right? Norwegian planes have LN-xxx, where xxx is a three-char code. For the enjoyment of all those of you corrupted by webcomics such as Little Gamers, the plane that brought me home for Christmas was licensed LN-FAP.

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05 January

Ny kalender.

Når eg vert diktator, skal eg tvinga gjennom denne tidsreformen:

Veker vert avskaffa. I staden vert ein bolk på ti dagar innført. Dei fyrste sju dagane er arbeidsdagar, og dei siste tre er fridagar. Det vert trettiseks slike bolkar i året. Dei siste fem dagane vert fridagar. I skotår seks dagar. Nyttår vert flytta til vintersolkverv (nordlege halvkule). Tidsrekninga startar på år 0 det året reformen vert innført.

Samstundes med kalenderreformen vert klokka reformert. Timar, minutt og sekund vert avskaffa. Dagen vert delt i ti like lange deler, som igjen vert delt i ti, som igjen vert delt i ti, som igjen vert delt i ti.

Namna på desse blokkene er ikkje vedtekne enno. Justering av tidssonegrenser vil skje uavhengig av denne reformen.

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25 December

God jul.

Merry christmas, etc, everybody. Be nice. To those who don't celebrate christmas: Sux 2 b u. Be nice anyway.

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16 December

FAQ writing guide

Okay. Listen up. For any project worthy of a FAQ, the first, the first question answered is the following: What is this?

Got that? Right. Now behave, or the wall is next.

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14 December

It is complete.

Had my exam. Have my cand.scient degree. I am victorious. Now to find employment.

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30 November

Man skall ha Matlab!

Man skall ha Matlab! Vilken trevlig sång. Nu blev jag glad igen. Men det var jag jo förran. Ännu gladare blev jag.

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29 November

It is complete.

The thesis is at the binder. I'll pick it up tomorrow, give the libraries their copies, and complete the paperwork. Then I can sit down and wait for that lovely day, the final exam.

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19 November

Oooh. Risk!

Risk on Google Maps. Pretty!

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18 November

Time to test myself again.

16% evil.
Seems I'm not too horrible.

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14 November

Og slik går nu dagan.

To kapittel så å seia ferdige, resten krev framleis ein del jobb. Det går så saaaaaakte! Syte. Klage. Pistre.

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