Abhishek Singh

I am a PhD student in ND research group.
My advisers are Roman Vitenberg and Frank Eliassen.

My research interests are security and privacy in large-scale systems.

A motivation for the research is to provide a privacy-preserving Twitter-like micro-news messaging application. The application requires membership in a group to be hidden from non-members as well as service providers; for example, ISPs and computing resource providers. The other requirements are: fast dissemination of micro-news under churn, non-disclosure of the fingerprint of a user's subscriptions, and non-disclosure of the size of a user's subscriptions. A significant challenge is to defend against side-channel attacks that allow an attacker observing a user from deducing its private information. The adversary may monitor a user's consumption of different resources to perform the side-channel attacks. Examples of such resources are a user's network traffic and the resources in different services; for example, onion circuits created by the user in Tor.