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Habtamu Abie Habtamu Abie, B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D

Currently chief research scientist at the Norwegian Computing Centre. I previously worked as a senior engineer and research scientist at Telenor R&D (1997-1999) and as scientific associate and fellow at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland (1989-1993). From 1994 to 1997, I also held a research position at ABB Corporate Research and worked as a software development engineer at Nera-AS, Billingstad, Norway, and Alcatel Telecom Norway AS, Oslo, Norway. I received my Engineering Diploma in Electrical Data Processing from Gjøvik Engineering College (1983), and my B.Sc. degree (1985), M.Sc. degree (1988) and Ph.D. degree (2005) in Computer Science from the University of Oslo. My past and present research interests encompass security for distributed systems, digital rights management (DRM),Trust, Privacy, distributed object computing (CORBA, EJB, DCOM/ActiveX), architecture and methodology, formal methods and tools, data acquisition and control systems, hard real-time systems, and mobile and personal computing.
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Research Interests
Risk Analysis
-Distributed systems
-Real-time systems
-Mobile computing
-Personal computing
-Smart messaging
CORBA on Linux
CORBA Security