Dr. Susanne Liese

The main focus of my research is on cell membrane dynamics.
Prior to coming to Oslo, I did my PhD at Free University in Berlin under the supervision of Prof. Roland Netz. In my PhD thesis I investigated the binding behavior of multivalent ligand-receptor pairs by means of statistical mechanics modeling and molecular dynamics simulation.

Dr. Tak Shing Chan

I am a postdoc interested in problems of wetting dynamic, droplets, capillarity, micro-nano fluidics, dynamics of cell membranes. I use both analytical and numerical methods to study these problems.

Christian Pedersen

I am a PhD student with an interest in phenomena in engineering and biology that is dominated by viscous flows and free surface forces.
Prior to this I did my BSc in HVAC engineering at the Oslo and Akershus University College of applied sciences (HiOA) and my MSc in applied mathematics here at the University of Oslo with emphasis on fluid mechanics.

Rossana Rojas

I studied my bachelor in Physics in Venezuela and then I moved to Paris to do a Master program in Complex systems. One of the topics we studied in the Master was related to biological systems and basic fluid mechanics. Both subjects were of great interest to me and I can combine in my PhD project on cell membrane dynamics.

Rasmus N. Tjørstad

Master student studying friction in cross-country skiing.


Jean Rabault (PhD student with Prof. Atle Jensen) -- flight of fruits
Richard A. Fauli (Bachelor student and starting Masters 2018) -- flight of fruits
Ganna Reint (PhD student with Dr. Irep Gözen) -- synthetic membranes
Eilig Senem Köksal (PhD student with Dr. Irep Gözen) -- synthetic membranes

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