Welcome to a short description of the Acticalc32 program

Acticalc32 is a program written in Delphi from Borland, later known as Embarcadero (At moment in Delphi v. 10, BDS 2006 Pro, earlier Delphi 5 Pro)

The program builds on and extends the earlier Acticalc, first known as Heart and the project was started officially in march 2003, but had a pause due to illness from april 2003 till january 2004.

The program analyses data gathered with Actireg, a measuring unit that logs position and whether there has been any motion the last second each time there has been a change. The single observations are then integrated to minute means based on some specific rules.

The main aim of the program development was to develope a method to estimate energy expenditure in a free-living individual without restricting the person observed to a small room or to have the person wear heavy measuring equiptments

Later it has been developed new graphic presentations that break down the primary observations into behavioural descriptions like time of day spent sitting, laying, standing, bent forward , or in activity terms like low acitivity, medium activity or high activity and time and energy spent at different PAL levels. (still under development)

Thus, this measurement method could also be used for work position studies, feedback reports to be used by people in risk of developing diabetes due to physical inactivity and adiposity and a lot of other fields. It could most probably be used by private persons interested in health and sport, by physicians who want to measure more accurate what life style a patient has and many other fields where physical activity of a person is of vital interest to measure.

When starting, you will come into the main window where you will define a person record or load a previous saved person record, define or load a parameter record, read in the data from Actireg and convert it to position raw data and in end, make an experiment file defined by reading the newly made position raw data file.

After defining a full set of data described by person and a parameter file, data is downloaded from the Actireg by activating the Actireg Input menu and there initiating a download by typing the command 'O' and choosing a name of file. Both person data set and parameter file can be defined and/or edited in the dialog for downloading, so it is easy to define helper data and download the new dataset from ActiReg and have it start plotting the dataset automatically.