Experiment folder

This menu is used to define to directories/folders to contain a set of data or to change from one set of data to another.

Each set of data consists of several subfolders where certain data are stored, like pers where the person data files are stored, or poc where raw position data from Actireg are stored.

The intention behind this division of files is that all data belonging to a group of persons that is observed as one group during certain experiment periods should be stored together and if the persons are observed during different intervals due to changes in behaviour/eating practices etc, the new data should form a new set of data. By doing this, a set of data can later be used as a grouped input for statistical analysis to be compared to either other groups of individuals or to different periods of observations of the same persons.

Following subfolders are defined for each set of data (experiment design):

A folder to store Flashfiler 2 data tables used for different purposes
Used for debugging purposes
Stores the combined experimental data files as AXP-files.
Used to store data from Polar heart frequency meters. Leftover from Acticalc, but might be used in future if needed in order to deduce energy expenditure when capacity of Actireg is exceeded (at activities at 1 and position changes greater than a certain value like 10).
Contains files used to initiate certain values not stored in registry to save space used in registry
Experimental parameters used for computations
Person files that in addition to height and weight at starting day also contain pointers to parameter files and experimental data gathered during experiment period
Place to store the raw data read directly from Actireg
Position data files converted from the poc files
Place to store observed position changes for each minute stored in AXP files in exp-folder
Place to store results from different computations and presentations
Place to store raw position data presented as time of event and position data broken down into real position and activity sensors measured (from 0-3)

Normally all Acticalc data are stored in My Documents in the folder structure named ActiCalc32. First time program is started, the default project \Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Acticalc32\Project1 is made and the above mentioned subfolders are produced.

If choosing "create new folder", you will typically navigate to a place to insert the new folder, like the Acticalc32 folder mentioned above, and then press the insert button at top to the right, give the new folder a name and press ok. Then the program will automatically produce the subfolders above. When closing, all default folders for each type of data will be set to point to the folders mentioned above.

Dialog for defining new experiment

By using the menu to choose another folder, previous defined, you will get a slightly different dialogue. Dialogue to choose a previously defined folder