In this window which is shown at start, you may choose to make new Experiment folders, in addition to the one created at first run if none is found. The default folder are made in you My Documents folder, under the folder ActiCalc32.

Further you have a Person menu where you define new experiment persons or choose a dataset of someone already defined. At least height of person in meter and weight in kg has to be defined for further work

When a test person has been defined, the Parameters menu will be activated and there you will either choose to make a new set of parameters or choose some already defined data. You may also change the content of a parameter set.

If the Actireg dataset has not been made yet, you should now be ready to go to Actireg input, or, under Experiments you will either define a new set of data input files, one or more files that has to be sorted in chronological sequence. The time gap should not be big:-) As input is given the position files defined by using the Convertions menu where you define a single set of data from Actireg and translate the .poc file to .pos format.

When a set of experiment data has been defined, the data is read and the plot window is activated.

Explanation of the Convertion menu Explanation of Experment menu Parameter definition menu Menu for defining or reading old data about an observed person Experiment folder menu Actireg input menu