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Who am I ?

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Hi! I'm employed in half time employment at the Department of Nutrition, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicinem University of Oslo, Norway as staff engineer.
My primary work is making computer programs, at the moment mostly using Borland Developer Suite 2006, for use with computing energy expenditure by different type of physical activity based on meters we are trying out. Today I also make database systems for use internally for the local IT support in order to have an up to date view of what computers are used and what group own the computers.

Earlier projects has been to make some programs for use in indirect calometry to compute the different RQ and oxygen comnsumtion when feeding research animals, but also human beings different diets and for physiology training courses.

I have also made a reference database system based upon the Norwegian database system 'Vista' which later became the prototype of the later Frida publishing database used centrally at UiO.

I'm have also been a kind of 'data guru' of the institute, helping others to use their computers and also hooking them up to the network and have some short courses on using different programs and the network. The time used for this is restricted because my main topic is to make programs and the other aspects has to be done when there is little to do with programs. Therefor the Institute now has employed a full time EDB consulent and since 2003 I have been concentrating onn ActiCalc32 developing that computes different presentations and integrations/statistical description of low physiological activty in the daily life.

Because my half employment, I'm at the office only every other week, the other week I'm at home at Sørlandet where I'm sitting making other programs for use in genealogical research like GEDtreff making data for the DIStreff database run by DIS-Norge and also the code used for controlling access to the DIStreff database or looking after the houses and my cats. My telephone will tell you where I'm at the moment.


My employer

If you are interested to know a little more about the Department of Nutrition, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, please look here

How to get in touch with me?

Work address: Department of Nutrition, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Univerity of Oslo, Norway
Pb. 1046 Blindern
N-0316 Oslo

    Work: 2285 1327
    Home: 3716 4209
    Work: 2285 1341
    Home: 3716 4209 (phone me first!!!!)

Visit address: Preclinic building, Sognsvannsvn. 9, room 105 (building X on map)

Other maps over the campus is also available.

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