Since 1987 I have been a listowner of the distribution list Roots-L that at the moment resides on www.rootsweb.com. Today it is run by a group of voluntaries that is interested in the wellbeing of the list and I have decided to use my spare time on other projects, primarily within Norway.



My work with a reference database back in 1987 led me in contact with a Swedish genealogy organization, called 'Föreningen DIS' in Linkoping, Sweden. They soon invited med to a congress in Elsinore in 1988 where the topics was 'Computer use in genealogy research'. At the end of the congress, the Norwegians were asced to try to make a Norwegian Computer interest group, and 12. january 1990, 'DIS-Norge' was officially founded by 22 representants. Today the organization is a rapidly increasing organization with more than 3000 members (25. May 1997).

Since DIS-Norge was founded, I have been the editor of the quarterly organ of the organization, Slekt og Data. I retired from that job in january 1997. Later I have concentrated my work around our surname database,DIStreff.


Other hobbies

Other interest are photography, especialy macro photography of plants, preferably herbs, gardening (mostly vegetables and food herbs) fishing, gathering food recipes and I also am transfering old handwritten recipes that my mother and grandmother did gather, to Pagemaker files.
I also sometimes sit down and play some music on the piano or on an old alto recorder (barock music).
When sitting at home writing computer programs I like to listen to different classic music, favorite composer changes dependent on mood etc. Often Tchaichovsky or Bach.


News conferences that concerns my other interests!

  1. Genealogy
  2. History
  3. Gardening
  4. Food
  5. Classical music
  6. Photography
  7. Fishing
  8. Soccer
  1. Genealogy Indeks
  2. History Indeks
  3. Gardening Indeks
  4. Food Indeks
  5. Classical music Indeks
  6. Photography Indeks
  7. Fishing Indeks
  8. Soccer Indeks