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NEWS 2019

January 2019: New article describing the discovery of a new mud volcano field in Lake Baikal as well as a new mechanism to trigger shallow rooted sedimentary volcanism:

Khlystov, O. M., Poort, J., Mazzini, A., Akhmanov, G.G., Minami, H., Hachikubo, A., Khabuev, A.V., Kazakov, A.V., De Batist, M., Naudts, L., Chensky, A.G., Vorobeva, S.S., 2019, Shallow-rooted mud volcanism in Lake Baikal: Marine and Petroleum Geology, v. 102, p. 580-589.

January 2019: Winner of the NRF-INTPART project "From hydrothermal systems to mud volcanoes: Planet-scale impacts of piercements in sedimentary basins" (HOTMUT)

January 2019: New article describing geochemical investigations at the Nirano Mud Volcano, Italy, characterizing the type of fluids and constraining the degassing budget:
Sciarra, A., Cantucci, B., Ricci, T., Tomonaga, Y., and Mazzini, A., 2019, Geochemical characterization of the Nirano mud volcano, Italy: Applied Geochemistry, v. 102, p. 77-87.

NEWS 2018

Ocober 2018: New article describing newly discovered enhanced hydrothermal processes (Hydrothermal Waves) at the Lusi eruption site:

      Lupi, M., Mazzini, A., Sciarra, A., Collignon, M., Schmid, D. W., Husein, A., Romeo, G., Obermann, A., and Karyono, K., 2018, Enhanced hydrothermal processes at the new-born Lusi eruptive system, Indonesia: Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, v. 366, p. 47-57.

September 2018: Fieldwork at the Lusi eruption site. Completion of ERT survey in the region and sampling of erupted fluids.

August 2018: Summer school in Azerbaijan on "Mud volcanism and petroleum systems" including with seminars and field excursions and exercises visiting mud volcanoes and petroleum systems outcrops.

June-July 2018. TTR-BL-18 cruise in Lake Baikal focusing on seafloor sampling and acoustic investigations of gas seeps, flares, mud volcanoes, slumps and debris flows, canyons and channels in the coastal proximity.

June 2018: New article on microthermometry on clasts erupted at the Lusi eruption site

Malvoisin, B., Mazzini, A., and Miller, S. A., 2018, Deep hydrothermal activity driving the Lusi mud eruption: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 497, p. 42-49.

June 2018: New article describing the pre-breakup stratigraphy of the  Jan Mayen Ridge:
Polteau, S., Mazzini, A., Hansen, G., Planke, S., Jerram, D. A., Millett, J., Abdelmalak, M. M., Blischke, A., and Myklebust, R., 2018, The pre-breakup stratigraphy and petroleum system of the Southern Jan Mayen Ridge revealed by seafloor sampling: Tectonophysics.

April 2018: EGU General Assembly 2018, Vienna, Austria.
Chairman of the session: From hydrothermal systems to mud volcanoes: structure, evolution and monitoring of active and fossile piercements  (GMPV3.3/BG5.4/TS10.5 ). Presentation of data on 11 abstracts.

May 2018. Special issue in Marine and Petroleum Geology reporting the recent findings of the LUSI-LAB project: 10 years of Lusi eruption - lessons learned about modern and ancient piercement systems