TTR cruises location map

TTR cruises location map

Since 1991 TTR Programme has been carrying out annually at least one major research cruise to the deep ocean, 18 cruises so far. A typical campaign includes:

  • Several legs of up to 3 weeks long leaded by an international group of co-chief scientists

  • An international scientific party of 30-40 people (researchers and students) in each leg

  • A mixture of experiences, disciplines and cultures

  • A post-cruise meeting about 6 months after every cruise

Funds come from a number of sources. The funding is ensured by preparing first-rate scientific proposals and making full use of the wide range of advanced equipment and the high standard of technical support provided on the ships. Long-term funds have come from the European Science Foundation and currently from the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO. Some of funding has come from sources that appreciate the fundamental science being done, some has been for hydrocarbon exploration and environmental studies in areas of projected offshore drilling, and some has been to support TTR training role.

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TTR-11 Cruise