2nd Training-through-Research Cruise

Deep-sea fans were the focus of the second international "Training-through-Research" cruise, sponsored by UNESCO and the European Science Foundation (ESF) on board R/V Gelendzhik of the Russian Federation (June-July 1992).

The Rhone and Valencia, as well as the Andarax fan systems were examined with a sophisticated array of tools including the deep-towed MAK-1 system incorporating a 30 kHz sidescan sonar and a 5.5 kHz sub-bottom profiler.

ttr2 map

In the first area, the neofan has suffered one or probably several episodes of erosion by strong currents cutting large assymetrical scours up 10-20 m deep that remove much of the distal neofan deposits. Among other data acquisitions were new seismic views of a variety of mass failures.Tectonics as well as mass failures appear to be the dominant controls on the development of the Andarax depositional system in the second survey area, in the eastern Alboran Sea. Both areas provided a wealth of new data regarding development of fan systems.

Over sixty geologists, geophysicists and students from nine countries took part in all or various parts of the programme this year. Besides research activities, great attention during the cruise was paid to students' training, both theoretical and practical. More than 30 seminars, lectures and discussion sessions were held, turning the R/V Gelendzhik for over a month into a true "Floating University".

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