4th Training-through-Research Cruise

The 4th UNESCO-ESF Training-through-Research Cruise of the R/V Gelendzhik (1 June-16 July 1994) was principally dedicated to the study of sediments transport processes in the Western Mediterranean Sea. Secondary topics of the Cruise were related to some tectonic and seismic stratigraphic problems in the Tyrrhenian Sea, and to the continued study of mud volcanism on the Mediterranean Ridge.

The results of the cruise include the discovery of six possible new mud volcanoes, both exposed and buried; the determination that the Stromboli Canyon is currently very active, transporting chiefly volcaniclastic sediments to the deep Marsili Basin; the recording, on detailed sonographs, of extensive mass wasting processes in the Corso-Ligurian Basin; and the detection of much erosion and sediment redeposition, in the form of unusual bedforms, in the West-Central-Algero-Provencal Basin.

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