5th Training-through-Research Cruise

The 5th UNESCO-ESF Training-through-Research Cruise of R/V Professor Logachev, included in the list of official events celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the UN and UNESCO, was carried out from 29 July to 25 September 1995. The cruise concentrated on the investigation of fluid venting and related phenomena in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Ridge.

The investigation led to the discovery of a new area of mud volcanism, east of the well-known Olympi area, which was appropriately named the "United Nations Rise". This area was attributed to the inner deformation front of the Mediterranean Ridge and is noted for the wide-spread development of fluid seepage through the seafloor.

No mud volcanoes were found to the east of the UN Rise area. Their absence was explained by the specific tectonic stress conditions and the existence of the thick Messinian evaporitic layer.

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