TTR uses large, well equipped, marine geoscience research ships to do both leading edge research and provide training to young geoscientists. Five out of ten cruises in Mediterranean and Black Seas were carried out on board RV Gelendzhik and more recent work in the northeast Atlantic was carried out on board RV Professor Logachev, both ships belonging to the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation.

RV Professor Logachev

The main TTR work area is the deep-water part of continental margins. The suite of onboard equipment normally includes:

  • GPS/DGPS navigation system. Thrusters, linked to the system, provide highly accurate dynamic positioning of the ship. A short base underwater navigation system is used for accurate positioning of deep-towed instruments and corers

  • High-resolution single-channel seismic system

  • Hull-mounted 3.5-7 kHz profiler

OKEAN long-range
                sidescan sonar
  • 10 kHz OKEAN long-range side-scan sonar. The system is used primarily for regional scale accoustic seafloor mapping in the depth range from 500 to 6000 m

                  deep-towed sidescan sonar
  • 30/100 kHz dual-mode high resolution deep-towed sidescan sonar system (OREtech or MAK) with built-in sediment profiler (3.5-7 kHz). The instrument allows high resolution acoustic seafloor mapping in both shallow in deep-water environments

  • Deep-towed video survey system

Gravity corer
                operation on deck
  • Large diameter (146 mm), 6 m long gravity corer

Deployment of
                TV-guided grab sampler
  • TV guided Grab Sampler

  • Box corer

  • Kasten lot corer

  • Variety of dredges