Mud volcanism/clay diapirism and related gas and gas hydrate occurrences

Areas with active processes of mud diapirism/volcanism and fluid venting were a focus of most of the TTR cruises. Locations studied extend from the Black Sea to the Bear Island margin off Norway. Dozens of mud volcanoes and diapirs were mapped, directly observed by underwater video surveys and sampled in the Mediterranean and Black Seas, Gulf of Cadiz, Voring Plateau and Bear Island Trough area. A broad range of studies have been conducted as a results of this work:

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  • Analysis of mud breccia clasts for partial reconstruction of the stratigraphic succession without the need for expensive deep-sea drilling;

  • Analyses of seismic and acoustic images of diapiric fields and gas-related structures (such as Bottom Simulation Reflectors, acoustic voids and bright spots);

  • Chemical composition of gas and gas hydrates;

  • Gas-related authigenic mineral assemblages in deep-water sediments.

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