Slope stability and geohazards

The issues of slope stability and other geohazards are of particular importance as the continental margins are a new frontier for deep-water exploitation. Several areas to the east and north of the Faeroes and in the area of giant Storegga Slide (off Norway) were studied by TTR in 1998-1999. High resolution acoustic seafloor mapping was particularly useful for recognising the areas affected by sediment failures. Sidescan sonar images, sediment profiler data and bottom samples helped to determined different stages of sediment instability development.

Selected publications:

Kuijpers, A., Nielsen, T., Akhmetzhanov, A.M., de Haas, H. Kenyon, N.H., and van Weering, T. C. E. 2001. Late Quaternary slope instability on the Faeroe margin: mass flow features and timing of events. Geo-Marine Letters, 20, 149-159.