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Mud Volcanism

Mud volcanoes represent one of the primary targets for oil companies as they are commonly associated with oil/gas fields. Since 1995 I participated to more than fifteen marine expeditions during which we discovered the main Mediterranean, Black Sea and Gulf of Cadiz mud volcano fields. I completed several onshore fieldworks mapping and sampling mud volcanoes in Crimea, Trinidad, Italy, Indonesia and Azerbaijan. Other detailed studies were conducted on mud volcanoes and related authigenic carbonates from the Black Sea involving petrography, geochemical and laboratory simulation analyses. Our results defined the origin of the seeping fluids and investigated the shallow deformations of the sedimentary sequences affected by rising-gas deformation. Publlished reports: (Ivanov et al., 1996; Woodside et al., 1997; Kenyon et al., 2000; Kenyon et al., 2001; Kenyon et al., 2002; Akhmetzhanov et al., 2007)

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