Motion Capture

Alexander Refsum Jensenius

Based on: Jensenius, Alexander Refsum. Methods for Studying Music-Related Body Motion. In Handbook of Systematic Musicology, edited by Rolf Bader, 567–80. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 2018.

Main types of motion capture systems

  • Camera-based systems
  • Sensor-based systems

Camera-based systems

  • Modes: greyscale, colour, infrared
  • Number of cameras
  • With or without markers on the body

Optical, infrared, marker-based motion capture


Optical, infrared, marker-based motion capture

Optical, infrared, marker-based motion capture

Sensor-based systems

  • acoustic
  • mechanical
  • magnetic
  • inertial
  • electrical

Magnetic Tracker


Polhemus 6 DOF electromagnetic tracker

Mechanical Sensors


Home-built glove with bend sensors and force sensing resistors

Inertial Sensors


Various inertial sensors (accelerometer, gyorscope, magnetometer)

Inertial motion capture suite

Inertial motion capture suite in artistic use

Physiological motion capture

Myo armband with inertial sensors and 8 muscle sensors (EMG)