The Dylan / Ginsberg sessions

A list of all known collaborations between Allen Ginsberg & Bob Dylan


Oct 1971 Allen Ginsberg & Friends

PBS-TV Studios, New York

1. ?
2. Nurse's Song (William Blake/Allen Ginsberg)
3. September On Jessore Road (Allen Ginsberg)
4. A Dream (William Blake/Allen Ginsberg)
5. Vajra Mantra (?)

Allen Ginsberg (harmonium & vocal), Peter Orlovsky (vocal),
David Amram (fr horn),
Gregory Corso (vocal),
Happy Traum (banjo & guitar),
Bob Dylan (guitar) and others...

Broadcast mid-november in Freetime on PBS-TV, New York.

Nov 17 - 18 The Allen Ginsberg sessions

1. Vomit Express (Allen Ginsberg/Bob Dylan-Allen Ginsberg)**
2. Going To San Diego (Allen Ginsberg)
3. Om My Soul Shalom (trad.)
4. Nurse's Song (William Blake/Allen Ginsberg)
5. Jimmy Berman (Allen Ginsberg/Bob Dylan-Allen Ginsberg)
6. Many Loves (Allen Ginsberg)
7. Prajnaparamitra Sutra (trad.)
8. September On Jessore Road (Allen Ginsberg/Dylan-Allen Ginsberg)**
9. September On Jessore Road (Allen Ginsberg/Dylan-Allen Ginsberg)
10. The Tyger (William Blake/Allen Ginsberg)

Allen Ginsberg (harmonium & vocal),
Peter Orlovsky (vocal),
David Amram (fr horn),
Artie Traum (banjo),
John Sholle (guitar),
Happy Traum (mandolin),
Bob Dylan (guitar, piano & organ).

Tracks marked ** are available on The Rhino 4CD-set.
9 released on a flexidisc in Sing Out!, Vol 21, No 2, 1972.
1-8 were planned to be released on "Holy Soul & Jelly Roll", Apple.
5 released on "Disconnected", Giorno Poetry Systems Records, 1974
1,2 and 5 released on "Allen Ginsberg: First Blues", John Hammond Records, February 1983.

RAGHUPATI RASHAVA Bob Dylan/Allen Ginsberg, 1971

Recorded at The Record Plant, New York, 17 Nov 1971 - intended for Ginsberg's "Holy Soul Jelly Roll" album,
but as yet unreleased - according to some reports this is not a Dylan/Ginsberg composition but a traditional
song associated with the Weavers.


more to come ...