David Blue

1941 - 1982


"In the last few years, something happened to his voice and his guitar, something very deep and sweet entered, his timing became immaculate and we knew that we were listening to one of the finest, one of the few men singing in America and I was happy then and perhaps even happier now to say that I told him that."

-Leonard Cohen

While most of the sixties folk-singers have had their albums re-issued, David Blue remains a vastly underrated artist.

David's real name was Stuart David Cohen and he was one of the many young singers in Greenwich Village in the early sixties. A close friend of Phil Ochs, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, he remains sadly neglected these days and only three of his releases have ever been available on CD.

Perhaps inevitably, David Blue has remained in the shadow of his more famous friends, but on any of his albums there are great songs to be discovered by fans of the singer/songwriter genre. Personally, I found a vinyl copy of his album "Stories" as an impressionable teenager and has been a fan ever since.

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