Here is a list of what Rolf kept around in his garage.  While I have no itch to profit from Rolf’s work, I would gladly accept 5 bucks for each tape, CD, or video to cover my basic costs.  I can also get copies of the Santa Fe Reader, Rolf’s literary magazine, and The Immigrant, a novel that he worked on until a few days before his death.  Many of the songs on these tapes are new to me.  Since none of the tapes came with track lists I am forced to construe titles for songs based on the lyrics.  Please pardon the approximations.

                                                                             Michael Sheppard






Midnight Sun

A 1986 studio album.  Jaw Flappin’, Leaving Blues, Old Birds, Vacation from Love, Country Blues, Daytime Man, California Summertime, You Been Away, hard Winter, Mountains to Climb, Red Balloon.          AVAILABLE ON CD


Special Love

A 1984 studio album.  Winter Mountain Blues, Got My Wings back, Rollin’, Laura, Santa Fe Woman, Hey Baby Don’t You Know, Teasin’ Man, Just Walkin’, Pretty Woman Waiting in Reno, Cree,  When the Wind Blows Home Again.  AVAILABLE ON CD





Rolf Cahn and Jo Mapes

Recorded from Vinyl.  Hangin’ Round the Skin Game, Ramblin’ Boy (sung very sweetly by Jo), How Do You Do?, A dog Named Blue, Amazing Grace, Moonshiner, and others.  Good recording quality.  One side of a 100 minute tape.


Rolf Cahn and Rick Von Schmidt

A Folkways recording from the Cambridge days.  The two trade off tunes about 50/50.  Fun and high energy.  Decent recording quality.  One side of a 90 minute tape.


Songs for Jack and Preble Sept. 5th 1953

Recorded from Vinyl.  This album is a series of kid’s songs that are very fun and up beat.  Goodnight Irene (Leadbelly style), Raggle Taggle Gypsy, Pretty Polly, S-T-U-N-G, Froggy went a Courtin’, and others.  The quality is a bit funky but it’s good enough to enjoy.  One side of a 100 minute tape.


Rolf Cahn and Debbie Green

Probably recorded during the early ‘70s.  Very high energy.  Rolf at his peak of guitar technique and sarcasm.  Real good recording quality.  Approx. 60 min.  The best flamenco I have heard from Rolf along with great renditions of Kentucky Moonshiner and Nine-Pound Hammer.


Rolf Cahn Solo Auburn

A solid performance recorded digitally in the ‘80s.  I don’t have a track list for this one but I recommend it as the best glimpse at Rolf’s solo music and story telling.  100 min.


Rolf Cahn and the Auburn Bunch 1

Here is a compilation of a few tapes some labeled Auburn 6/8/71, some not labeled at all.  It starts off with solo versions of Looks Like the Sun, Storm Coming, Solstice, and Flamenco piece.  Following is a party jam with Rolf on electric guitar, and if I remember correctly, he plays here with the Madden Brothers who sing most of the following songs: Alberta, There’s a Land, Nobody Knows You, Solid Gone, Delias Gone, Whisky and a Dying Duck (?), We are Riding, I am a Pilgrim, Jazzman, I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight, and, What You Ain’t Got.  Then we’ve got what sounds like a public hootenanny with Blue Eyes, I Never Will Marry, See See Rider, Good Morning Blues, and Summertime.  About 90 minutes.


Rolf Cahn and the Auburn Bunch 2

Continuing from the last compilation is more of the hootenanny with Columbus Georgia, Wabash Cannonball, Greensleeves, Dark as a Dungeon, and a great version of Careless Love.  Then we move to a party jam with the Maddens, a banjo, and Rolf on acoustic guitar.  Here is some great music although the recording quality is a bit mediocre.  Songs are: Sail On, Delia’s Gone, Spanish is a Loving Tongue, Glory Glory, Hand of My Lord, May the Circle Be Unbroken, Bobby McGee, You’ve Got a Friend, Midnight Special, When I’m Gone, When You Come, Reason to Believe, I Never Will Marry, Who’s Going to be Your Man, and There’s a Land.  About 80 minutes.


Live Flamico Festival

This is terrific.  Rolf, Dave Briggs, and Carlos Lomas play at Comme Chez Vous with a female vocalist (cantara?)  and if my ears are honest, somebody is playing Andalucian banjo on some of the cuts (Stan Lawerence?)  I recommend this one.  90 minutes.  Excellent quality.


Rolf Cahn and the Santa Fe Sound 5-6-84

Rolf and I had a funning discussion as to which was better, the 13the at Comme Chez Vous or the 6th.  We decided that although the 13th had some moments that were magical, the 6th was just more consistant.  The play list on this one is pretty much the same as that of the 13th.  The recording quality is also a little bit better.  It takes up most of two 90 minute tapes.


Rolf Cahn and the Santa Fe Sound 5-13-84

A great evening at Comme Chez Vous in Santa Fe, NM.  Robbie Robinson on lead electric, Tom Lantieri on bass, Woody Thompson on drums, and Cousin Albert on harmonica.  Songs are: Storm Coming, Kite Flying, Midnight Sun, Jaw Flappin’ Blues, Worried Mind (Rolf starts this one with a very serious, “Let’s get down.” Then things get very heavy), Vacation from Love, Country Song, Daytime Plan, Solstice, Special Love, Winter Mountain Blues, Goodbye, California Woman, California Summertime, You’ve Been Away, Laura, and Red Balloon (which unfortunately gets cut off.)  90min.


Rolf, Tom, Curly, and Stan

One of my favorites.  Excellent playing by Curly Waffles on lead (aka. Nicky/Craig Muir),

And Stan Lawerence on banjo and lead acoustic guitar.  This ompilation of club, kitchen,a nd studio recordings includes Hard Winter, Leaving Blues, Cree, The Road, You’ve Been Away, Teasing Man, Nobody Knows You (when you’re down and out), Laura, Santa Fe Woman, Wings, Walkin’, Let’s Jam All Night Long, Wanderin’, Special Love, Which Way, Winter Mountain Blues, Goodbye, California Woman, Pretty Woman Waitin’ in Reno, California Summertime, Bluegrass Jam, Key to the Highway, Nobody Knows you, You Can’t Love Two, and Don’t You Hear Me Calling?.


Rolf in the Kitchen, Auburn, & Electric Jam

1970’s  Great Flamenco and some sweet ballads.  Songs are, Delia’s gone, Nobody Knows you, Greensleeves, Alberta, careless Love, and Stagolee.  The Electric Jam sounds to me like the Auburn bunch and is one of the few recordings of Rolf on electric guitar.  I like this evening.  Lots of great ballads and some blues tunes that re new to me.  Not the best recording but plenty clear. About 60 minutes.


Fall Rain

Originally sent as presents for Christmas ’93 and the professionally mastered around August of ’94.  Rolf, Tom Lantieri, Dave Briggs, Rolf’s Esteso (his flamenco guitar) and a good tape deck.  Fall Rain, Kite Flying, Storm Coming, Trust Fund Baby, The Seasons, The Frozen Logger, Molly Malone, Solstice, Reason to Believe, Brag Song, Alberta.  Side B is the best of Rolf’s and Dave Briggs’ Flamenco performances from the mid ‘80s.  100 minutes.


Rolf and David Play Flamenco

These are the two masters from Comme Chez Vous from which Rolf compiled the B-side of Fall Rain.  Fall Rain has the best of them, but the evening is full of good music.  Two 90 minute tapes.  Recording quality is excellent.


Rolf and Family

Living room sessions from Rolf’s last few months.  Rolf, Tom, Graham, Albert, Craig, John, and Jesse Cahn.  A half dozen of the songs are led by Connie Gatlin, a tough and sweet 25 year old, vagrant stone mason who Rolf had the hots for.  Their version of Pancho and Lefty is worth a listen.  Assorted friends and family lead a few other tunes.  Songs are: Winter Mountain Blues, Santa Fe Woman, Key to the Highway, Wings, Looks Like the Sun, Leaving Blues, Kite Flying, Goodbye, Red Balloon, Bobbie McGee, Reason to Believe, Pancho and Lefty, Paying My Dues, Too Young to Roam, Honky Tonk Angel, Come on Home, Trust Fund Baby, Two Kinds of Good, More Than I Can Do, The Seasons, May the Circle be Unbroken (The last song that Rolf sang.)  Recording quality is excellent.  100 Minutes.  I also have edited and unedited masters of each of the six or so evenings and sessions that make up this compilation.  AVAILABLE ON CD.





The Greenberg Flamenco Lessons

In the late ‘70s or early 80’s Rolf taught a series of flamenco lessons to Dave (?) Greenberg.  These were transferred from reels and, according to flamenco guitarist David Briggs, are gold mines of well-organized intermediate flamenco lessons.  Rolf told me many times of his years in Spain studying with the Flamenco master Diego de Gastor.   If you just want to hear Rolf’s masterful verbiage and some incredible guitar technique, then these would be fun even if you don’t play the guitar.  The six, 90-minute tapes are labeled as follows:

Cass. 1 – Bulerias, Tarantas. Tarantos, Sevillanas, Malaguenas, Alegrias

Cass. 2 – Tarantas, Bulerias, Granadinas

Cass. 3 – Siguiriyas, Soleares, Bulerias, Tientos

Cass. 4 – Alegrias, Bulerias, Soleares

Cass 5 – Alegrias, Bulerias. Soleares

Cass. 6 – Tarantos, Bulerias, Granadinas


Rolf’s Songs

Rolf quickly teaches the chords, notes, and key concepts behind Laura, Santa Fe Woman, hey Baby Don’t You Know, Teasin’ Man, and Walkin’.  Approx 60 min.


Nine Pound Hammer

Rolf walks through this hopping E country blues and teaches the picking styles of Doc Watson and Merle Travis.  For intermediate players.  About 60 min.


Farrucas I and II

This was my introduction to flamenco guitar technique.  Great for intermediate players with little or no familiarity with Flamenco.





Blues Guitar

“Total low brow brilliance” Rolf uses the old blues standard Baby How Long to introduce to elements of “true blues.”  Any level of player will find this tape valuable.


Flamenco Collection

Here are seven two-hour tapes of old film clips of the greatest flamenco players.  Rolf copied this from a television broadcast in Spain and revered it as a rare and valuable archive of the greatest of the greats.


Party at Eve Muirs’ place

Soon after Rolf discovered his liver cancer, he held a party, a last hurrah.  Lots of music and a good inventory of “family members.”


Comme Chez Vous?

Here is some ‘80s club footage of Rolf Cahn and the Santa Fe Sound.


Rolf’s Last Jam

Shortly before Rolf’s death I filmed this evening of music with Jesse Cahn, Tom Lantieri, Cousin Albert, Dave Briggs, and John ?.





Rolf was masterful at the guitar, but many will say that he was much more a master at hand to hand combat techniques.  Many years of boxing and martial arts (five black belts) left him a true authority on the capacity of human movement. The three videos are titled Footwork, Elastic, and Clouds Trailing.  Each tape is 90 to 100 minutes.



I also have a handful of assorted tapes on which Rolf expounds against police brutality and plans various projects.  I also have a tape from an old phone answering machine of Rolf’s.  While I do not have them on hand, I can also track down copies of Rolf’s book The Immigrant (which he completed weeks before his death), as well as issues of The Santa Fe Reader, a local literary magazine full of Rolf’s ideas.