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Department of Physics, University of Oslo



Alv Egeland
Professor, Dr. Phil.
Department of Physics
Research Section for Plasma and Space Physics
Box 1048 Blindern
N-0316 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 22 85 56 72
Fax: +47 22 85 86 71

E-mail: alv.egeland@fys.uio.no

Furuveien 20
N-1450 Nesoddtangen, Norway

Phone: +47 66 91 13 34

Contributions to the scientific literature, the CV.

You can look pictures and illustrations from some of my books here.


This page was generated by my grand-son Gaute Egeland Sanda, and was last updated by him May of 2005. Updated July 17 by Thore E.


*Department of Physics, University of Oslo.
Research Section for Plasma and Space Physics, Department of Physics, UiO.
Nortern lights
My son, Thore Egeland, Ullevål Central Hospital and Section of Medical Statistics
My grand-son, Henrik Egeland Gaudernack


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