I, Alv Egeland, was born on March 22, 1932 in Kvinesdal, Vest-Agder fylke, Norway. I am a Norwegian citizen, and I am married to Randi (b. Søgaard) in 1956. We have four children and eleven grand children.
I have the following academic degrees:
- batchelor of sience (Fil. Mag.) 1956 and master of sience (Cand. Real.) from the University of Oslo in 1958,
- Dr. Sc. (Fil. Dr.) and Docent in physics at the University of Stockholm, Sweden, February 1963.

I have had the following positions:
- research assistent for Professor Leiv Haraug at the University of Oslo 1957-59,
- staff member at the Kiruna Geophysical Observatory of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science 1959-63,
- Acting Director of the Kiruna Geophysical Observatory for one year (1963-64), while the Director, Professor Dr. B. Hultqvist had his sabbatical year at NASA, Goddard Space Flight Centre, Greenbelt, Md. USA,
- staff member (1. Amanuensis) at the Norwegian Institute of Cosmic Physics (NICP), Oslo, 1964-68,
- Director of the Norwegian Institute of Cosmic Physics 1968-72 until NICP, in January 1972, was integrated into the Department of Physics, University of Oslo
- Professor in cosmic physics from 1972 (and in space physics from 1979) at the University of Oslo to 2000, when I retired,
- I still work and have an office at the Department of Physics, UiO, and am part time employed by Andøya Rocket Range (as of May, 2005).

  My second book; Cosmical Geophysics, wich was published in 1973. It has been translated into Russian and Chinese.

I have worked in the following research institutes:
- Kiruna Geophysical Observatory, Sweden, from 1959 to June 1964,
- NASA, Goddard Space Flight Centre, Greenbelt, Md., USA from August 1, 1968 - July 10. 1969, August 20, 1981 - July 15, 1982, January 10, 1983 - August 1, 1983 as a National Research Council research associate, and from January to March 1999 as well as in March and April, 2005-05-03 covered by GSFC.
- University of Saskatoon, Canada in June and July, 1968,
- Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Slough, UK for two months (June and July) in 1974,
- University of Tokyo, Japan, 1979 for 1.5 months (October and November),
- Phillips Laboratory, Hanscom AFB, Boston, Mass, USA for two months in 1987 and 1989, for six months (January 10. - to July 10.) in 1991 and from February 1. – June 20. in 1998 as a National Research Council research associate,
- Uppsala Division of Swedish Space Institute for two months in 1990 and for six weeks at the Swedish Space Institute, Kiruna in 1992,
- National Institute of Polar Research, Tokyo for three months in 1996 (January 9. – April 10.) as Senior Professor,
- Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, from November 1. to 28, 2005.

I am a member of:
- The Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters since 1981,
- The Norwegian Physical and Geophysical Society since 1967,
- The New York Academy of Sience,
- American Geophysical Union since 1965,
- The International Academy of Astronautres in 1995,
- The Royal Astronomical Academy, London in 1999.

I have received the following awards and honours:
- The Nansen Prize and Medal from The Norwegian Academy in 1973,
- Golden medal for outstanding research in geophysics in 1983,
- The first prize from University of Oslo in 1992 in connection with a competition marketing the University during the 1994 Winter Olympic Games,
- An international symposium named “Egeland Symposium of Atmosphere and Auroral Research”, arranged in 2002 (cf. “Egeland Symposium”, Editors J. Moen and J.I. Holtet, University of Oslo, 2003)
- The Order of Merit in Gold from the King of Norway, in 2002.

I am, or have been commissioned to be Chairman of:
- The Norwegian Committee for Space Research 1974-1978,
- The Norwegian Geophysical Society, 1973-75,
- Working Group 4 of JAGA, 1973-75,
- Birkeland Lecture Group 1986-2002,
- Member (1983-85) and chairman (1986) of NATO Science Advisor Group with regular meetings at the NATO headquarters,
- The Norwegian - USSR Programme for Polar Research,
- The FRAM Committee for The NANSEN Award from University of Oslo 1988-1996,
- The Group responsible for the Auroral Exhibition at Lillehammer (1992-1994) during the Winter Olympics, February 1994.

  A popular booklet, from University of Oslo, both in Norwegian and English, published in 1997.

Active member of:
- The Board for the Norwegian Technical Museum 1988-1998 and chairman in two project groups arranging exhibitions,
- The Roald Amundsen Memory Foundation from 1975-2002,
- The Swedish Space Research Council from 1982-2000,
- Several committees and subcommittee under COSPAR, JAGA and URSI,
- National delegate to both COSPAR and JAGA general assemblies,
- National Norwegian committees for a) Geodesy and Geophysics and b) COSPAR,
- National Committees for Norwegian Physical Society,
- SCOSTEP and several other international scientific working groups,
- The National Committee for Polar Research in Norway,

- Birkeland Lecture Group from 2003 - .

I have participated and been PI or CoI in the following satellite, rocket and ground projects:
- the auroral photometers in the two ESRO 1A(1967) and 1B(1969) satellites,
- the wave instrument on the FREJA satellites,
- the wave instruments on the Cluster satellites,
- some 30 sounding rockets: (among the most spectacular ones were, the Harang pair, Proton I and II, the poleward leap, The Heating rockets) mostly from the Andøya Rocket Range, but also from Kiruna, Sweden; Forth Churchill, Canada, Siple, Antarctic, and Poker Flat, Alaska,
- between 1978-1994 actively involved in building up a net of ground stations in the Svalbard area for studying the physics of the dayside aurora and boundary layer processes.

Organizing Scientific Meetings and Workshops:
- was secretary for the the IAGA Birkeland Symposium, in Sandefjord, August 1967,
- member of the organizing committee for two of the McCormac Advanced Study Institutes in the early 1970s,
- director for three NATO workshops 1980, -84 and 92, and for two NATO Advanced Study Institute, 1976 and in 1997,
- responsible for several international Sessions within JAGA and COSPAR, in Japan, USSR, America and Europe,
- active member of several program committees arranging ESA (ESRO), SAR (Scandinavian organization), the Europeans Optical Society and national workshop and symposia).

In addition to my regular teaching at the Department of Physics (mainly advanced courses for graduate students) I have supervised:
- eight Ph.D. (Dr. Phil. and Dr. Sciences) students,
- more than 30 master (Cand.Real or Cand.Scient) students,
- served as external examiner roughly ten times outside Norway and more often inside the country,
- been guest lecture and presented review papers at numerous institute and meetings,
- organized several courses for students and high school teachers introducing space education, mostly at Andøya Rocket Range,
- active participated in the organizing of all of the European Space Camps since 1994,

- and the Teachers Space Camp since 2003..

This book is one of the series of quality books included in the Cultulal Programme of the XVII Olympic Winter Games at Lillehammer in 1994. It was published in both Norwegian and English.

I have published:
- about 155 papers on scientific mattere of which the large majority are in the field of aurora, polar ionosphere and magnetospheric physics,
- I am the main author or co-author of about 50 papers concerning popular physics,
- been the main author an d co-auther of fifteen books of which one: Cosmical Geophysics has been translated into English, Russian and Chinese. The others - dealing with ionosphere, cosmical geophysics and the green house effect - are published in Norwegian,
- together with A. Brekke, published two books on the history and physics of the aurora: “The Northern Lights: from mythology to space physics” (1983), which has also been translated into English and published by Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg; and “The Northern Lights, Their Heritage and Science” (1994), also published in English and Norwegian,
- I am main or co-editor of five proceedings from international meetings,
- been responsible for eight 30 minutes radio-programs and two TV-programs mainly on popular Science.

The books written are:

A. Egeland og L. Harang: Forelesninger i Ionosfærefysikk, Universitetsforlaget, Oslo, 1968.

A. Egeland, Ø. Holter and A. Omholt: Cosmical Geophysics, Universitetsforlaget, Oslo, 1973.

A. Egeland. A. Eliasen og J. Otnes: Fra Solatmosfære til Havdyp (Festskrift til Olav Devik), Universitetsforlaget, Oslo, 1976.

A. Brekke and A. Egeland: Nordlyset: Fra mytology til romforskning, Grøndahl & Søn, Oslo 1979. A revised versjon of this book was printed by Springer Verlag, Heidelberg in 1983.

A. Egeland, P.E. Sandholt og E. Thrane, Kosmisk fysikk I, FYS 260, Institute of Physics, University of Oslo, 1985, 2.edition from 1996.

A. Egeland, T. Henriksen og I. Kanestrøm: DRIVHUSEFFEKTEN, Jordens Atmosfære og Magnetfelt. Printed by Dept. of Physics, University of Oslo in 1990.

A. Egeland: Kristian Birkeland: Mennesket og forskeren, Central Bank of Norway, 1994.

A. Brekke and A. Egeland: The Northern Lights: Their Heritage and Siemce, Grøndahl/ Dreier, Oslo, 1994. This book was also published in Norwegian  in 1994.with the title: NORDLYSET; Kulturarv og Vitenskap.

A. Egeland and R. Jørgenesen: A small tour of the Magnetosphere, University of Oslo, 1996. 2. edition from 1998.

A. Egeland: Vårt nye Verdensbilde, 1999, NAROM.

A. Egeland: Nordlyset I kultur og vitenskap, Grøndahl/ Dreier, 1999.

A. Egeland, E. Thrane, F. Søraas, A. Brekke og B. Landmark: Historien on Andøya Rakettskytefelt (4, 3, 2, 1 – FIRE), ARS 2000.

A. Egeland: I Nordlysets Verden, Nordlyssenteret, 2002. Boka ble innkjøpt av Norsk Kulturråd i 2004 and a revised, second edition was published in 2004.

A.Egeland: Facts about auroras, NAROM, 2003.

A. Egeland and William Bushe: Kristian Birkeland: The first space scientist, Springer, 2005.’

 My popular book about the Northern Lights for children, published in both Norwegian an English.