OsAr News

This is the place you go to see what's going on with OsAr and what is planned for the future.

Current activities and future events

2010: We continue our seminars and our activities: We're reading Aristotle's Analytica Priora and Euclid's Elements, go to the links for more info.
2009: The OsAr seminars are now exclusively devoted to the OsAr GRAR-seminar. There will be two seminars this semester: (1) Aristotle's De Interpretatione, Thursdays 10-12 (starting from January 22); (2) Aristotle's Rhetoric, Thursdays 8-10 (starting from February 5).

Recent events

2008-08-09: New version of website ready for publication. We hope you like it!

2008-08-01: Moving from old to new website. Planning two seminars: Continuation of OsAr GRAR and setting up OsAr ISC for Automn 2008.