List of OsAr Seminars

Please note that the list of seminars is not exhaustive. We are still working on a model for seminar structures and what topics and texts to include in a more comprehensive structure later on.

Qazwini's Aja’ib al-Makhluqat

Current Seminars

The OsAr Greek-Arabic Seminar (GRAR)
⇒ 2010 Spring
The OsAr Natural Sciences Seminar (NAT)
⇒ 2010 Spring

Other Seminars

The OsAr Islamic Sciences Seminar (ISC)
⇒ 2008 Automn
The OsAr Arabic Philosophy Seminar (FAL)
⇒ 2008 Automn
The OsAr ADAB Seminar (ADAB)
The OsAr Qur’ān Seminar (QUR)
The OsAr Christian and Jewish Arabic Seminar (CJA)