OsAr Greek-Arabic 2008-2

Galen's Synopsis of Plato's Timaios

Galen's Synopsis

Automn 2008: This semester we will read the Arabic translation of Galen's "Synopsis" of Plato's famous dialogue Timaios, a text that has been known for a long time (published 1951) but is rarely referred to and has not been properly studied. The text is the only full "Platonic" text extant in Arabic, since all full translations of Platonic dialogues, and Galen's other synopseis, are lost. In accordance with the usual OsAr policy, the main objective is to read the Arabic text and gain a basic understanding of the content. Beyond the text, the major objective is to learn more about the Rezeptionsgeschichte of the Timaios in Arabic, gathering fragments from medieval Arabic literature and studying some of the major themes in Arabic philosophical and religious works that might tell us more about the impact of Plato's philosophy in the Islamic world.

Texts, references and various study materials will be posted here, but extracts from printed editions (and manuscripts) that will be used in the seminar can be obtained at the OsAr HQ, which you can locate by contacting us.