Badawi's edition of the Arabic text of Aristotle's Rhetoric

This semester we will read (parts of) Aristotle's work Rhetoric, as usual in the mode of parallel close reading of the Greek and the Arabic texts. Anyone is welcome, and basic reading knowledge in one of the two languages should be sufficient. If you have an interest in the general topic of rhetoric, either in the Greek tradition or its transmission and place in medieval European philosophy and Arabic philosophy, then you should not miss out on this seminar, which takes place:

(More on the Rhetoric later)

Here follow links to the basic texts, see further from the right menu. An online electronic version of the text will be available here as the seminar proceeds.

For practical purposes, we list here the two editions that serve as the basic reference for our reading:

  • Greek: W. D. Ross, ed., Aristotelis ars rhetorica, Clarendon Press: Oxford 1959.
  • Arabic: M. C. Lyons, ed., Aristotle's Ars Rhetorica: The Arabic Version. A New Edition, with Commentary and Glossary, Pembroke Arabic Texts: Cambridge 1982.
Please contact me if you need copies of these texts for the seminar.

Greek text

  • Ross, W. D., ed., Aristotelis ars rhetorica, ref. above. Download here. (coming soon)
  • Roemer, A., ed., Aristotelis ars rhetorica, Leipzig 1898 (Teubner). Download here.
  • Bekker, Immanuel, ed., Aristoteles graece, Berlin 1831. The Rhetoric is in volume 2, pp. 1354-1420. Download here. Bekker's introduction here.

Arabic text

  • Lyons' edition (ref above). Please contact me for this one. Or simply use the version we are making here.
  • Badawi, A., ed., al-Khataba: al-Tarjama al-'Arabiyya al-Qadima. Download here.