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I’m a post doctoral researcher at the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas at the University of Oslo. My main interests are in philosophy of science, metaphysics and philosophy of mind. I’m currently working on a project on causation and reduction, using examples and results from biology. The project is hosted by CSMN (Center for the Study of Mind in Nature), which is a center of excellence funded by the Norwegian Research Council. I'm also part of the project PSBio focusing on the philosophical foundations of systems biology, and an associate of the Ethics Program at UiO.

I teach regularly at the philosophy program, mainly philosophy of science, metaphysics and philosophy of mind. I've supervised master theses on philosophical methodology and in metaphysics. I currently supervise a master thesis in philosophy of science, and a phd in philosophy of biology. More info under Teaching on the menu.

I also have a strong interest in music and guitar playing. I play mainly blues, rock, funk and some groove-oriented jazz. You will find MP3’s and some interesting links under Music on the menu.