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Anita Woll

I am a Ph.D candidate in Design of Information system at the Department of Informatics (see location) at the University of Oslo.

I have received a fellowship for four years (01.08.2012 - 01.08.2016) that include one year of duty work as ICT advisor in relation to Audio and Video system (multimedia) at Rambøll.The main scope of my Ph.D project is to develop new Smart House Technology to support elderly people living at a Residential Care+ to extend the time the elderly could be self-reliant in their private homes. The project includes participatory design, information visualization by use of GIGA mapping, human computer interaction (HCI) within the context of private and public spaces, prototyping and usability testing according to the users' expectations.

Research groups

Theoretical curriculum, Fall 2012

  1. MNSES9100

  2. INF9220

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