Problem solving

Exercise - layers in Photoshop

Download the Photoshop file PartyRacoon.psd . Open the file.

Your job is to make the picture you see when you open the file (Figure 1) look exactly like the picture in Figure 2:

Figure 1: What we see when we open the file.
Figure 2: What we want the picture to look like.

Strategies for problem solving

To solve this kind of problem it might be helpful asking yourself a set of questions. Below we have provided a few questions which could prove helpful. Explore the questions, using the knowledge and experience you gained in the previous exercise in order to solve the problem. Don't be afraid to experiment! There is always an undo button!

Problem #1: Photoshop is huge - where do I start?

Problem #2: I know where the functionality I need is located. What can I do in order to make the picture in my file look like the image in Figure 2?

Problem #3: I have managed to arrange the elements: The raccoon is wearing the party hat, and is placed in front of the green background. The raccoon does however look strange - almost like it's see-through. How do I fix this?