DBA (De Bellis Antiquitatis) is a historical gaming system for miniatures which is easy to learn and fast to play, yet produces tactically interesting battles.

I mainly play in the the period 400BC-70AD. Most of my armies have figures of 6mm height, as I find this scale to produce the most realistic appearance on the gaming board.

About the pictures: All figures are painted by me, if nothing else is stated. Most of the scenery is made by Nikolai Tvilde, a gaming buddy. The pictures are taken by Espen Sturlason (the 6mm ones) or myself (the 25mm ones). The 6mm miniatures are made by Heroics and Ros, and the 25mm ones by Wargames Foundry.

ARMIES, 6mm figures on 15mm-size bases:

Classical Indian,DBA-army number II/3
Early Achaemenid Persians, DBA-army number 28a
Later Carthaginians, DBA-army number 31b
Gauls, DBA-army number 35
The armies of a couple of friends:
Extended DBA-army of Pyrrhus (#43), painted by Hans Kristian Toft. Notice the tightly-packed double-ranked pikes :)
Extended DBA-army of Polybian Romans(#46b), painted by Nikolai Tvilde

ARMIES, 25mm figures:

25mm figures from my EIR and Early British DBA-armies.


Quadruple DBA - the visual way of playing DBA


The Battle of Stamford Bridge
1066 BC, pitting the Norwegian king Harald Hardråde against Harold of England.


Oslo MiniatyrSpillKlubb
"Oslo Miniatures Gaming Club".

DBA Resource Page
DBA Resource Page, the definite DBA-source on the net.

My 6mm DBx page, with pictures, tips and suggestions

Arnstein Orten