MiniCon 2002

MiniCon is a yearly con in Oslo, Norway, at which we usually run some sort of DBM refight and a DBM competition. This year, we did Hydaspes (in massed 6mm scale) with my Indian army and Hans Kristian Toft's Macedonians.

I umpired the DBM compo so didn't play. I did one step-in game with my Classical Indians against Nikolai Tvilde's Polybian Roman (10/0, Nikolai was very unlycky on setup.)

The Battle of Hydaspes

Alexander the Great vs. the Indian King Poros (July, 326 BC)

The battle of Hydaspes, setup

Hydaspes, setup, with Greger and Hans Kristian Toft preparing the Macedonian side.

The battle of Hydaspes


Arnstein Orten
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