Alexander the Great's armies: Alexandrian Macedonian (book 2 army #14) and Alexandrian Imperial (book 2 army #16)

Alexander's army

All pike-based armies look great in 6mm. Alexander's armies are fascinating because of their unique commander, their interesting history and their colorful attire. This army belongs to my friend Hans Kristian Toft.

If you intend to build the army in 6mm this essay from Hans Kristian should give you some help.


The Royal Army:
| Pike phalanx |  Companion cavalry  |  Prodromoi |  Thessalian cavalry unfinished  | 

Other troops:
Allied troops |  Mercenaries unfinished |  Elephants unfinished  | 

Alexandrian baggage

Alexandrian baggage guarded by Royal "basilikoi hypaspistoi" foot companions.

Arnstein Orten
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