Choosing a great-looking DBx 6mm army

You've decided to go into 6mm DBx gaming because the visuals are great. What do you need to think about when choosing armies?

An exceptionally good looking army is most easily made by having some elements in the army be of a type that looks really good in 6mm, that can really draw the eye. The rest of the army will then make a perfect backdrop, with hundreds of little soldiers fighting shoulder-to-shoulder...
Some element types that work really well in 6mm:

Examples of 6mm armies

Some of my 6mm armies:

Nikephorean Byzantine is a good-looking army with an interesting history.

Classical Indian is a great-looking, effective army.

Later Achaemenid Persian - pics and a short description.

Alexander the Great's armies - pics and a short description (this army is owned by Hans Kristian Toft).

Early and Later Carthaginian armies are effective armies with an interesting history.

Other armies

Pyrrhus' army (left) faces Karthage.

Pyrrhus' army (left) faces Karthage.

Extended DBA-army of Polybian Romans(#46b), painted by Nikolai Tvilde

Arnstein Orten

Pictures by Espen Sturlason and Arnstein Orten. Figures and scenery by Arnstein Orten, Nikolai Tvilde, Hans Kristian Toft.

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