DBx in 6mm - introduction

I primarily play the DBx family of rules systems using 6mm figures mounted on 15mm-scale bases. Most people - also those who exclusively play in larger scales - agree this is a very visually appealing way of playing. Your figures are large enough to carry a lot of detail, yet you can make wargaming armies that actually look like proper armies on the table! In addition, the game plays exactly like it does for 15mm figures, the "de facto" gaming standard these days. Still, it is definitely a minority thing. Therefore, these pages are meant to show off the good aspects of 6mm gaming, and give tips from my experience.

The underlying idea in these pages is that the "right" way of using 6mm is to play to their strengths, and hide their weaknesses. Their attributes include:
  • Look great en masse
  • Make interesting on-base formations possible
  • Easy to recognize units based on formations or figure number
  • Paint up very fast
  • Cheap
  • Look sad when few
  • Hard to recognize units based on individual figures

Therefore, I don't concern myself with ways of concerving space or money through the use of 6mm figures, though people do this with good results.

Hope you enjoy the pages. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome - send me an email! I also hang out on various DBM, DBA and 6mm groups on the net.

Arnstein Orten
Last modified: Thu Jan 10 13:45:16 MET 2002