Choosing manufacturers: "What 6mm figures should I buy?"

This is a question I am often asked. Given that you're interested in playing 6mm ancients under the DBx family of rules sets, here is my opinion of the different manufacturers.


Solid figures, cleanly cast, slightly big for "true" 6mm. On a figure-for-figure basis, they beat the other manufacturers in terms of detail.
  • Big, solid figures
  • Nicely cast
  • Very good level of detail. This makes them look good as individual figures, especially with some careful paint work.
  • Reportedly, they can mix with Irregular.
  • Slightly big for "true" 6mm.
  • Some ranges are prefixed to bases. This makes "inventive" basing harder.
  • A bit expensive
  • There are usually 80 heavy infantry or 45 heavy cavalry to a pack (less for light troops). This is a bit inflexible, though they sell army packs, as well.


Overall, Irregulars scenic items are very good, and their figures, while not my favorites, can be used together with the other manufacturers with advantage.
  • Cheap.
  • Extensive range
  • Slightly larger than H&R and slightly smaller than Baccus. They can therefore mix with both.
  • Their scenic items are absolutely beautiful, plentiful in choice and cheap.
  • Can be bought in packs of 6 figures
  • Prefixed to bases. This makes "inventive" basing harder
  • I feel their sculpting is not very accurate. Some people don't agree to this, and I must admit that the figures paint up surprisingly well.

Heroics and Ros / Navwar:

Heroics and Ros are very cleanly cast and paint up fast, look great en masse and make "inventive" basing easy.
  • Very large range
  • Cleanly cast
  • Appropriate level of detail: Enough for the figures to look very good, yet paint up really fast.
  • Individually based figures and "true" 6mm size makes "inventive" basing easy.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Come 50 infantry/20 cavalry to a pack, with between 2 and 6 poses. This can be inflexible.
  • While they're not fragile, they're not as sturdy as e.g Baccus
  • Some people feel they are "too small" and "skinny".

The vast majority of the figures on this site are from H&R.

You should obtain samples from all the manufacturers, though, and compare them yourself. Beauty rests in the eye of the beholder, and different people prefer different styles.

Examples of Baccus' figures:

This site contains H&R-figures in cupious amounts and lots of Irregular landscape, here are some pics from Baccus' line of figures - as you can see, his stuff is beefier and more detailed than what you can expect from the other manufacturers.

The Macedon army in DBA 
format Macedonian companions
Arnstein Orten

These pictures by courtesy of Peter Berry, Baccus miniatures

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