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  Quadruple DBA

Overview: 7 Pyrrhic elements facing 8 Carthaginian ones. Let the battle commence!

Quadruple DBA isn't for everyone - it's too much painting work for that. But it should have interest to some people:

The general idea is to make each QDBA-element up of 4 normal DBA elements. If you already have a DBM army, this would normally mean few or no additional elements. I use metal under my bases, and easily fasten them together by putting an appropriately sized magnetic sheet under the 4 elements in question.

Having done this, you double the width and depth of the board, double the length of 100 paces, and you're finished. No meddling with the rules, just twice as much of everything. You might want a bit bigger terrain features, though.

My group mainly uses 6mm figures to play DBx, based on 15mm-size bases. We often use more figures per base than recommended for heavy infantry, and fewer than recommended for light troops and cavalry, because we feel the visual effect of this is very pleasing. Quadruple DBA looks very good in 15mm or 25mm as well - even better, to some peoples minds.

Carthaginians: 1 element of Cav, 3 elements of Sp, 1 Spanish Ps, 1 Spanish Aux, 2 Libyan Ps.

Lastly, this way of doing things has probably been done before we did. It's a very logical way of making DBA look better, and as I couldn't find anything about it on the web, my friends and I got together and took some pics. I'm not trying to steal anyone's glory, just get some good looking pictures published.


Text: Arnstein Orten
Pictures: Espen Sturlason
Figures: Arnstein Orten (Carthaginians), Hans Kristian Toft (Pyrrhus)
Terrain: Nikolai Tvilde

The army of Pyrrhus. Left to right: 1 element of Cav, 2 elements of Pk with support of 2 additional elements of Pk, 1 element of Sp, 1 element of Ps. In the packground: One element of El. All in all, 8 elements.

Close-up of Liby-Phoenician spear and Spanish auxilia in Carthaginian service.

Close-up of Pyrrhus' fearsome phalanx of pikes without back support.

For small demonstration games: considerMini-Quadruple DBA.

Arnstein Orten
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