6mm terrain

Terrain boards

We use terrain boards, of 60x60cm and 30x30cm size. 60x60 looks very good; the bigger size lets you use the flocking more creatively without making your table look like a chess board. 30x30 is good for greater flexibility, but the bigger size board is definitely preferred. One board makes a DBA table, 6 make a DBM one.

The way we currently make them:

Irregular's scenic items

Most of Irregular's scenery has quite a bit of flash and so requires some cleaning up. Once cleaned up and painted, though, it's good looking, varied and cheap. Here follows pictures of some scenic items we have bought.

Hovels' scenic items

Heroic and Ros' scenic items

H&R's terrain features are cleanly cast. Not much choice, though, and expensive.

Arnstein Orten