October 2013

                    Asbjørn Rødseth - Curriculum Vitae



Present position: Professor of economics, University of Oslo


Present assignments: Member of the board of UNIRAND AS (owned by the University of Oslo).


Research interest: Open economy macroeconomics, macroeconomics and the labor market.


Previous positions: University of Oslo: Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences 2002-2007, professor 1989-present, (senior) lecturer 1982-89, research fellow 1978-81, research assistant 1974-75. Institute of Industrial Economics, Bergen: Researcher 1976 -77. Ministry of Finance, Oslo: Economist 1981


Education: Cand.oecon. University of Oslo 1976, exam.oecon. University of Oslo 1973.


Selected academic assignments: Chair Department of Economics, University of Oslo 1987-90; Editor Sosialøkonomen 1980-84; Leader Center for Monetary and Financial Research 1997-02; Member of the selection committee for economics, The Norwegian research council NAVF 1991-95; Member of the Research Council of Norges Bank 1988-96; Board member Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO) 1990-1999; academic advisor SNF-Oslo 1993-95; Member of the Standing Committee for the Social Sciences in the European Science Foundation 2003-2008; Chair of the National Conference for Social Science Faculties 2002-2007; Chair of the Local Organizing Committee for EEA-ESEM 2011, Member of the board of the Faculty of Social Science and Technology Management at NTNU 2009-2013


Public assignments: Norges Bank (The Norwegian Central Bank), board member 2004 – 2011; The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway, board member (substitute / full member / vice chairman) 1988- 2002; Ministry of Finance, member of advisory group on economic modeling 1983-86 and 1988-97; Member of Royal Commissions on pensions (2001-2004), housing policy (2002), pension funding (1998), youth unemployment (1994) and the taxation of electric utilities (1992, leader).


Visiting fellowships: Yale University 1979-80; Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University 1984 and 1998; London School of Economics and Center for Economic Performance 1991-92; Stanford University 1998


Major research grants: Housing demand, from the Norwegian Research Council for Science and Technology (NTNF) 1984-87; Wage formation, unemployment and macroeconomic policy 1988-95, Norwegian Research Council (several grants)


Students supervised for the doctoral degree: Steinar Holden, Birger Vikøren, Gunnvald Grønvik, Kjersti-Gro Lindquist, Ingunn Lønning, Tom Bernhardsen, Øistein Røisland, Viggo Nordvik, Elin Halvorsen, Junior Maih



Open economy macroeconomics, Cambridge University Press 2000

Konsumentteori, Universitetsforlaget 1985, 3rd edition 1997


Selected articles:

“Explaining unemployment: some lessons from Nordic wage formation”, Labour Economics 10, 1-29 2003

“Efficiency Wages and Local versus Central Bargaining” Oxford Economic Papers 45, 470-481 1993

“Wage Formation in Norway” in L. Calmfors (ed.) Wage Formation and Macroeconomic Policy in the Nordic Countries, Oxford: Oxford University Press 1990, 237-285 (with S. Holden)

“Macroeconomic Policy in a Small Open Economy”, Scandinavian Journal of Economics 87, 120-136, 1979