Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus)

I am involved in analysis of data from a variety of projects on reindeer. This includes semi-domestic reindeer and experiments done in collaboration with Øystein Holand, UMB and work with wild Svalbard reindeer. The Svalbard reindeer work was initiated by Rolf Langvatn that are now retired. Leif Egil Loe are my main contact on this work.
Svalbard reindeer - frontcover JAE

Papers on reindeer

I have marked in parenthesis whether study was done on wild reindeer from mainland or Svalbard, semi-domestic reindeer (mainly a research herd in Finland with unique life history data)
or caribou (North America).

23. Holand, Ø., Weladji, R.B., Mysterud, A., Røed, K., Reimers, E., and Nieminen, M. 2012. Who cares at what cost? Induced orphaning reveals post-weaning maternal care in reindeer. European Journal of Wildlife Research: in press. (semi-domestic reindeer)

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(semi-domestic reindeer)

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1. Weladji, R.B., Klein, D.R., Holand, Ø., and Mysterud, A. 2002. Comparative response of Rangifer tarandus and other northern ungulates to climatic variability. Rangifer 22: 33-50. [pdf]