INF3320 - Computer Graphics

Exercises in Computer Graphics (INF3320 - Metoder i grafisk databehandling og diskret geometri) - Autumn 2010

Source-code for exercises and compulsory problems

Evaluation Point System for Source Code

The grading system is the same and used in previous years (originaly created by Christian Schulz).

You will receive a point based evaluation of the source code that you hand in as solution to the compulsory problems. The points are based on the scale below. In order to pass the problem, you have to get points corresponding to the green regions in every area. If you get a value that lies just between the red and green region (e.g. 1.6 for Comments), it is in the evaluators discretion to decide, whether the problem has to be redone or not.

The point system does not give any legal basis for pass or not pass. It just deals as help and/or orientation. There might be cases where solutions are accepted or rejected despite other point values!

Retries and corrections

Each student that does not submit the solution to an obligatory problem withing a given deadline or whose solution in not eligible for a pass is entitled exactly one retry or correction to that problem. The retires/corrections are to be submitted within the deadline given after all initial submissions are evaluated. Deadline will be sent via email to relevant students and posted on the webpage. In those cases the grade given to the correction is the final one.

Area    Points    Explanation
Compiles 0 Does not compile because of errors
1 Does not compile because of linking problems solvable by student
2 Compiles with warnings OR does not compile due to linking problems not solvable by student
3 Compiles without problems or warnings
Runs 0 Runs not at all or does not do the task
1 Starts, but breaks after some time or after some specific action due to major error
2 Starts, but breaks after some time or after some specific action due to minor error
3 Runs without problem
Exercise 0 Exercise not solved or understood at all
1 Good effort but did not get very far
2 Main parts of exercise solved, but details are missing OR/AND insight seems to be missing
3 Exercise solved with minor errors/problems
4 Exercise solved
Code Quality 0 "Spaghetti code" - unreadable
1 Poor: badly structured, no error/failure handling
2 Acceptable: readable, sufficiently structured, most/main errors handled
3 Good: structured, errors handled, efficient, easy readable
Comments 0 None
1 Repeats code
2 Bare minimum
3 Good

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