Bernt Ivar Utstøl Nødland

I am a PhD student studying algebraic geometry at the University of Oslo. My advisor is Ragni Piene and my co-adivsor is John Christian Ottem.

Office: Niels Henrik Abels hus, room 1036
Email: berntin at

July-December 2016 I participate at the Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry program at the Fields Institute in Toronto.

I am part of the algebraic geometry student seminar at the University of Oslo.


ArXiv preprints:

Secants, bitangents, and their congruences with Kathlen Kohn and Paolo Tripoli.

The Hilbert scheme of 11 points in A^3 is irreducible with Theodosios Douvropoulos, Joachim Jelisiejew and Zach Teitler.

Local Euler obstructions of toric varieties

A toric proof of Bezout's theorem for weighted projective spaces From my master's thesis.

Macaulay2 code

Toric Vector Bundles

Macaulay2 code I wrote for computing parliaments of polytopes of toric vector bundles:
A package Parliament.m2: Parliament.m2
Examples from Di Rocco-Jabbusch-Smith's article illustrating its use: examplesParliament.m2

Local Euler obstructions of WPS

Macaulay2 code I wrote for computing local Euler obstructions and degrees of dual varieties for weighted projective surfaces and threefolds.
A package EulerObstructionWPS.m2: EulerObstructionWPS.m2
The examples appearing in my article "Local Euler obstructions of toric varieties": examplesEulerObWPS.m2