Student seminar algebraic geometry

During the spring of 2017 we will do an introduction to toric geometry. We will meet mondays at 12.15 in room 738.

Date Speaker Topic
January 23 Jarle Affine toric varieties
January 30 Bernt Ivar Properties of affine toric varieties
February 6 Fredrik Projective toric varieties
February 13 Bjørn Fans and toric varieties
February 20 Søren Morphisms of toric varieties
February 27 Martin Divisors on toric varieties
March 6 Jarle Polytopes and Cartier Divsors
March 13 Bernt Ivar Globally generated line bundles
March 20 Bjørn Ample line bundles
March 27 Søren Intersection theory
April 3 Martin Toric variety of a polyhedron and projective morphisms
April 24 Jarle On reflexive sheaves
May 8 Bjørn Sheaves on toric varieties

We will do some preparatory lectures leading up to the summer school in Nordfjordeid on "Homological aspects of commutative algebra".

Date Speaker Topic
May 15 Søren Syzygies and Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity
May 19 Jarle Local cohomology and Cohen-Macaulay modules
May 25 Bernt Ivar

Previous years:

2016 found at the web pages of Jonas Irgens Kylling.

2014 found at the web pages of Fredrik Meyer.