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Welcome to my web-pages. I hope you can find both useful information
and enjoyable links to both professional and leisure related resources

I am currently working as a Research Fellow (Forsker) at the Institue for Clinical Biochemistry at the Rikshospitalet-Radiumhospitalet Medical Centre/ University of Oslo. DNA repair and protein X-ray crystallography is my main interest in addition to structure based drug design and molecular recognition in general. Currently I work with several projects related to structural investiagtion of DNA repair enzymes. You can learn more by following my Publications link.

I am a partner of the Rikshospitalet Core Facility for Structural Biology and as such can offer advice and experimental services to research groups at the Rikshospitalet University Hospital and at the Medical Faculty at the University of Oslo. Please, do not heistate to contact the Core Facility if you are in need of advice about molecular biology (cloning, mutagenesis, protein expression and purification) or if you are in need of a structural analysis of a protein in your project (bioinformatics or experimental analysis).

I have several hobbies running more or less simultaneously. These include Geocaching, Photography and Model railroad. We also have a large fish tank, so aquatic biology and chemistry is also on the agenda. Other interests include playing games like Civilization and Risk, the latter especially on "hytteturer" to the mountain cabin of Mariannes family. Look at my private link page.

Ph.D. Bjørn Dalhus, Institute for Clinical Biochemistry, University of Oslo, National Hospital, N-0027 Oslo, Norway. Tel. (+47) 23 07 09 08. You can also reach me through bjornda <at>

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