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Department of Political Science, University of Oslo

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The Political System of the European Union
3rd edition. (with Simon Hix), Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

Journal Publications

The Empowerment of the European Parliament
(with Simon Hix) Annual Review of Political Science , 2013, Vol 15

Peace on quicksand? Challenging the conventional wisdom about economic growth and post-conflict risks
(with Marianne Dahl) Journal of Peace Research , 2012, Vol 49(3):423 - 429
Replication STATA-code and data

The Tyranny of International Index Rankings
(with Kalle Moene and Fredrik Willumsen) Journal of Development Economics , 2012, Vol 97(1): 1 - 14
Replication R-code and data: Available upon request

Coalition Voting and Minority Governments in Canada
(with Jean-Francois Godbout) Commonwealth & Comparative Politics , 2011, Vol 49(4): 457 - 485
Replication R-code and data: Will be posted soon

Legislative Voting in the Canadian Parliament
(with Jean-Francois Godbout) Canadian Journal of Political Science , 2011, Vol 44(2): 367-388
Replication R-code and data: Will be posted soon

Selection and Sanctioning in European Parliamentary Elections
(with Sara B. Hobolt) British Journal of Political Science , 2011, Vol 41(3): 477 -- 498
Replication R-code and data: Will be posted soon

Procedural and Party Effects in European Parliament Roll Call Votes
European Union Politics , 2010, Vol 11(4): 597 - 613
Replication code and data. The models take a while to run.

Simplifying Parallelization of Scientific Codes by a Function-Centric Approach in Python
(with Jon K. Nilsen, Xing Cai and Hans Petter Langtangen) Computational Science & Discovery, 3 (2010) 015003

Gamle konflikter - nye saker? Norske velgeres utenriks- og sikkerhetspolitiske holdninger (in Norwegian)
(with Hanne Marthe Narud og Helge Hveem), Internasjonal Politikk , 2010 (3): 334 - 363.

From Doves to Hawks: A Spatial Analysis of Voting in the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England
(with Simon Hix and Nick Vivyan), European Journal of Political Research , 2010, Vol 49(6): 731 - 758.
Data: Replication R-code and data

Bicameral Politics in the European Union
(with Sara Hagemann), Journal of Common Market Studies, 2010, Vol 48(4): 811-833.
Data: Will be posted soon

Get the Party Started: The Development of Political Party Legislative Dynamics in the Irish Free State Seanad (1922 - 1936)
(with Indraneel Sircar), Party Politics, 2010, Vol 16(1): 89 - 110
Data: Replication R-code

Legislative Involvement in Parliamentary Systems
(with Fabio Franchino), American Political Science Review, 2009, Vol 103(4): 607 -- 621
Data: Replication files, Disaggregated dataset

An Automatic Database of the European Parliament
(with Indraneel Sircar and Simon Hix), European Union Politics, 2009, Vol 10(1): 143 -- 152
See MEP data for more info.

Parties in the Council
(with Sara Hagemann), Journal of European Public Policy, 2008, Vol 15(8): 1205 -- 1221
Data set. R-code.
The r.file replicates and corrects a mistake in the reported results. Corrected figure. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
The article is also published as a book chapter, see below.

The EU Annual Budgetary Procedure: the Existing Rules and Proposed Reforms of the Convention and Intergovernmental Conference, 2002-2004
(with Giacomo Benedetto), Journal of Common Market Studies, 2007, Vol 45(3): 565 -- 87

Allocation of Codecision Reports in the Fifth European Parliament
European Union Politics, 2006, Vol 7(1) 30 -- 50,
Data set. STATA 9 do file.
The do.file replicates the results. You may need to save the do file on your computer first. You will need the spost ado files written by J. Scott Long & Jeremy Freese. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Book Chapters

Parties in the Council
(with Sara Hagemann), in Bjorn Lindberg, Anne Rasmussen and Andreas Warntjen (eds) (2009) The Role of Political Parties in the European Union, Routledge: London.
The book is also published as article in Journal of European Public Policy (see above).

Theories of European Integration
(with Mark Schieritz) in The Student’s Guide to European Integration, For Students, By Students. Eds. Jorge Juan Fernandez Garcia, Jess Clayton and Christopher Hobley, Polity Press, 2004