Chairman of the board

Prof. Jens Braarvig (Oslo Univ.)


Prof. Lutz Edzard
(Oslo Univ.)
Prof. Christoph Harbsmeier (Oslo Univ.)

Advisory Board

Prof. Michael Puett (Harvard Univ.)
Prof. Jens-Uwe Hartmann (Univ. of Munic)
Prof. Jan Terje Faarlund (Oslo Univ.)
Prof. Andrew George (SOAS)
Prof. Kazunobu Matsuda (Bukkyo Univ., Kyoto)
Associate Prof. Dag Haug (Oslo Univ.)
Prof. Einar Thomassen (Bergen Univ.)

Executive Board (contacts)

Prof. Jens Braarvig
Dr. Lars Kirkhusmo Pharo
Dr. Christoph Anderl

Senior Fellows

Alexander Lange Ziesler (Sumerology)
Bjarte Kaldhol (Ancient Middle Eastern Languages)
Associate Prof. Vibeke Roggen (Greek, Latin)
Dr. Lars Kirkhusmo Pharo (Meso-American and North American Languages, past and present)
Dr. Christoph Anderl (Chinese linguistics, Chinese Buddhism)
Dr. Henning Laugerud (Medieval Studies)
Dr. Rolf Furuli (Ancient Middle Eastern Languages, Bible Studies)

Research Fellows

Arve Berntzen (Classics, Greek and Latin, Ancient Writing Systems)
Odd Øivind Fjelldal (Akkadian)
Anne Øiseth (Sumerian)

Research Students

Drolma (Buddhist Studies, Tibetan, Chinese)
Lita Peipina (Buddhist Studies, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese)
Ingemunn Askeland (Classical Studies)
Fredrik Liland, Buddhist Studies (Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese)
Klaus Johan Myrvoll (Sumerian, New-Norwegian, Nordic linguistics)
Jens W. Borgland (Sanskrit)
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Above: These are details of an Old Babylonian clay tablet with 8 labyrinths;
 the front page shows the photograph of a large labyrinth on a clay tablet, with two entrances (on the left and right side) only one of which is leading to the center (the world's oldest known illustrations of a labyrinth, dating from 2000-1700 BC; private collection)