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Stigum & Stigum ECONOMICS , Second Edition,
by Bernt P. Stigum and Marcia L. Stigum

In the first edition of the book the macroeconomic chapters built on the microeconomic chapters. The authors have found, however, that the majority of professors prefer to treat macroeconomics before microeconomics. Therefore, in this revised edition old chapters have been rewritten and new chapters have been added to render the macroeconomic chapters independent of the microeconomic chapters. As a result of rewrites and additions the text can now be used with equal ease in either sequence: macroeconomics-microeconomics or micro-macro.

Recognizing that students these days demand relevance, the authors have made it a point to show how economic principles can be used to analyze pressing current issues. In addition to the first edition’s discussion of government antitrust policy and the regulation of competition this edition contains whole new chapters on urban problems and on the economics of poverty. It also presents an expanded introduction to welfare economics that contains a discussion of pollution and the economics of pollution control. Throughout the book, the authors use statistics to test the correctness of key theoretical results and to demonstrate their applicability to everyday experience.

Bernt P. Stigum is a professor in the department of economics, Northwestern University
Marcia L. Stigum is assistant professor at Loyola University, Chicago