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Modern home education (HE) started in Norway1992/93. Two entrepeneur-families had hard times, with police, fining and social-services threat. The right to home educate is confirmed as a right for all. Since the first School-law (1739) and an also today Norway has compulsory education and not compulsory schooling


Two court-cases on HE processed in 1995 and in 1996-2000. The last case, called: “The Mosvik case” (Mosvik kommune in the middle of Norway), went through all three levels in the Norwegian court-system, before the case was closed because of lack of evidence. The concrete issue in Mosvik-case was conflict about the local school-authorities supervision and control with HE. The case developed to a principal  HE-case in Norway: After 2000 HE in Norway: has developed in a more liberal direction. the legal situation is in 2013 the same.


The situation to day:

-         Children from year 6 are obligated to primary and lower secondary education, but not schooling (10 years). § 2-1 in Education law (opplæringsloven) states that education can be “otherwise”. Education otherwise is private schools or HE.

-         After giving local school-authorities (kommune) a message about your HE, you can start.

-         Local school-authorities are by the law obligated to supervise home education. Most used procedure is a visit from a supervise-teacher twice a year. Local school-authorities can give relevant knowledge-tests, if they want. A sentence in a law-preparing document to the Educational law (1998) states that supervision must be: ”in understanding with the parents”.


The number of home educated students in Norway was in1996 ca 40, in December 2002 about 400 ( research estimated number). In November 2013 is 400 still the best but quit unsure estimate of numbers HE-students. The Norwegian HE-population has changed from in 2002 most rural, many with a religious motivation. In 2013 HE has turned more urban middle-class, with a social or pedagogical motivation and more families  with one non-Norwegian parent.


A National home education conference was arranged every summer since 1996 – 2006 by OTH: Since 2007 the conferences has been arranged by Norwegian Home Education Association (NHUF).




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