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New (Speech): Home education in Norway and International - what is the struggle about?

 The decline of modern schooling and the emergence of a new civic sector of education


 Home education and social integration


 Parents view on school - some preliminary results


 Home education as minority research


Home education: the nordic experience. Speech on the German conference: Bildungsfreiheit statt Schulzwang, 27. - 29. of  April 2007


SUMMARY IN ENGLISH: Beck, C. W. (2006):  Den moderne hjemmeundervisning i Norge. beskrivelse, analyse og drøfting. dr. philos thesis. Faculty of Educational Research Univ. of Oslo:


  Home education; motives, numbers and social integration: a mirror image of educational politics?


Home Education: Globalization Otherwise, in Managing Global Transitions (MGT) International Research Journal . Vol 4, No 3 2006 p. 149-159.  


Home education in Northern Europe.


Two different home education countries


Smallscale education in Norway


Numbers of home educated pupils in Norway


Why not the concept "Homebased education"!


Research projects:

Modern home education in Norway

Small freeschools in rural areas

Parents opinion of school


Guest writers:


LATEST: Tiia Leis: Home education in Estonia

Henrik Fladmoe og Evgeny Kaprov: Home education and family education i Russia



Ingri B, Reithaug: Home education in England (student paper)..



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